What New in Skin Whitening: Life After Hydroquinone

Have you tried to lighten your skin with over-the-counter lightening agents like hydroquinone but grew exasperated with waiting? Are you wondering what your options for removing age spots and acne scars will be if and when the Food and Drug Administration takes hydroquinone off the shelves? In that case, you may want to know about another skin whitener called mequinol (4-hydroxyanisole).

Even though the FDA approved the combination of mequinol and tretinoin to treat solar lentigines (“age spots” or “liver spots”) back in December of 1999, it has taken almost seven years for this drug to prove its effectiveness at treating ethnic skin types.

Research conducted by dermatologist Zoe Draelos has established mequinol and tretinoin as an effective treatment for lightening age spots or sun spots in Asian, Latin/Hispanic, and African American ethnic groups.

The study involved 259 subjects and according to report in Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, the majority of subjects experienced clinical level improvements in their skin discolorations four weeks after starting the mequinol treatment.

In addition to treating age spots, Dr. Susan Taylor of Columbia University, New York has told Skin and Allergy News that doctors should consider combination mequinol and tretinoin therapy for treating post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Taylor explains that PIH occurs in areas of the skin that become inflamed from a skin injury, a cosmetic or surgical procedure or from acne lesions.k

Mequinol Safety Testing

While mequinol may soon displace hydroquinone as a trusted skin lightener, the question remains, “How safe is mequinol for human use?” Mequinol is actually a hydroquinone derivative, which makes one wonder about its possible toxicity.

However, members of the American Chemistry Council have administered oral dosages of mequinol to lab rats and rabbits. The animals did not die after exposure. Such experiments make mequinol seem non-threatening. However, the FDA does not recommend combination mequinol and tretinoin for pregnant women. Plus, women who are able to become pregnant should take effective birth control measures when using this pigment correcting treatment.

Potential side effects mequinol include redness, stinging, burning, irritation, peeling and itching. Moreover, you will need to exercise caution when using mequinol if you do facial waxing or use astringents that dry the skin. And, you can’t forget to use a sunscreen when using any skin lightening agent.

In the United States, the 2.0% mequinol and 0.01% tretinoin skin whitening treatment is sold under the trademark name Solage. While mequinol may soon supplant hydroquinone as a skin lightener, you will still have to visit your doctor to get a prescription in order to benefit from this drug.

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Home Remedies For Dark Spots On Face : Effective Natural Treatment

Hyperpigmentation of the skin can cause dark spots on the face. These spots can be caused when our skin is exposed to extreme conditions of pollution and weather. Age can also be one of the reasons for dark spots because with increase in age there is a reduction of the production of melanin in the body. Acne can also be another reason for spots on the face.

Dark Spots On Face Home Remedies

There are several home remedies for dark spots on face which are simple, cost-effective and safe to be tried at home. Some of the popular home remedies for dark spots on face are:

1. One of the effective and simplest home remedies for spot on face is the use of vitamin E. It has antioxidant property and is very helpful in reviving the skin cells.

2. Milk and honey can also be used to treat spots naturally. All you need to do is take some honey and make it warm. Now apply it on your skin in order to benefit from it. For making it more effective you can mix this honey with wheat germ and then apply to the skin. Sour milk and buttermilk contain lactic acid. This lactic acid lightens the skin with its gentle peeling effect and does not cause any irritation to the skin.

3. Vitamin C is a natural bleaching agent which can be very effective in treating dark spots on face. Citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges are rich sources of vitamin C. All you need to do is apply lemon juice on your face directly.

4. Drinking plenty of water daily in order to keep your body hydrated. It is one of the best home remedies for dark spots on face. Consume lots of fruits and leafy vegetables which can help in rejuvenating and repairing the damaged skin.

5. Mix one tablespoon each of yoghurt, sour cream and oatmeal together. Now add few drops of lime juice in this mixture and mix again. Take this paste and massage it on your face. Allow this paste to stay on your face for next ten minutes and then wash it with water. In addition you can take a potato and cut thin slices of it. Apply these slices on your face and leave them there for the next fifteen minutes. This will bleach the spots in a very natural way.

6. Soak couple of almonds in water. Once soft, grind them properly and mix them with half teaspoon of lime juice and egg white. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it there until your skin starts to feel dry.  Now wash your face with warm water followed by cold water. This is one of the natural home remedies for dark spots on face.

7. Take 100 grams each of neem leaves, basil leaves and mint. Grind them together and then add some turmeric powder to it. Now add rose water to this mixture so that it turns into a paste. Apply this paste to the dark spots on your face. After few minutes you can wash your face with water. A paste of saffron and honey is equally good in removing the spots.

These were some of the effective and popular home remedies for dark spots on face which are simple and convenient to use.

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Seven Acne Treatment Tips You Ought To Know

Acne is an annoying skin disorder that everyone hates it. It is not dangerous to our health, but its existence definitely strong enough to affect our confidence levels in a bad way. People who were suffered from moderate to severe acne condition usually do not like to socialize with others because of their disfigure appearances.

This is why acne is hated and need to get rid of it as soon as possible. Well, acne can be treated or addressed with proper medication prescriptions. However, relying on medications is not enough. You, as acne sufferers also need a self-discipline to achieve acne-free. Discipline is the key to getting rid of acne permanently.

In this article, you are going to learn some of acne treatment tips that you can do to prevent acne from spreading further.

1) Washing your face: Whether you are acne sufferers or not, washing your face every day is a must. Washing your face helps to prevent acne from developed. You should not try to wash your face more than 2 times per day. It should be done only on early morning and night before you go into bed. The proper step of washing your face is ridiculous simple. You put facial foam on your hands, and rub it gently to your face in a circular motion for few minutes. Once you are done, clear the foam away with warm water.

2) Refrain yourself from popping the pimples with your fingers: I know it is tempting to do so, but you should not do it at all cost. It is because if you are trying to popping your pimples, you may end up making your pimple worse. It makes your pimple spots vulnerable to bacterial infection.

3) Your hands and your face: If it is possible, you should not let your hand rest on your face. It is because we use our hands to accomplish our daily tasks, and it is normal for our hands to become carriers of bacteria. Harmful germs or bacteria can be spread on your face in this way.

4) Your hairs and your face: If you are a guy or woman with a long hair, keep this in mind. Hairs can be another carrier of germs and bacteria which can propagate the formation of acne. This is why you should not let your hair keep contacts on your face too often. Keep your hair clean is recommended.

5) Clean pillow case: I know this may be annoying, but if you are serious to have acne-free skin, you have to do it. You need to change your pillow case to a clean one every 2 or 3 days. It is because the pillow cases will house the dirt, oil, and bacteria from our hair. When these absorbed oil and dirt gets in contact with the face, it will leads to acne breakouts.

6) Make up: People use make-up because they want to look pretty or good in front of people. But what they do not know is their actions will only make the matter worse. When you use make-up, your skin pores will get clogged, and this will causes blackheads, whiteheads and pimples to be formed. However, if wearing a cosmetic is a must for your part, then you have to make sure that you are using a water-based cosmetics or a make-up made out of natural products. These products will at least give a room for your skin to breathe.

7) Consuming multi-vitamins: It is pretty easy to see whether your body is lacking of nutritional or not through the condition of your skin. Eating a healthy food such as fresh vegetables or fruits is recommended. If you are unable to eat any of these foods due to certain reasons or circumstances, then taking multi-vitamins supplement is your only choice. The nutrition will improve your skin’s ability to fight acne-causing bacteria and heal itself from acne eruptions.

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Acne Treatment Tips For Free

Thank you for visiting this article as a thank you for visiting I’m giving you a free valuable report e-book about the subject of acne skin care line, get that e-book below if you are only interested and plus before you read this article in case not to waste your time, if you want quick and complete answer to your inquiry or question related about acne skin care line just go to the resources box below and skip your reading but if you are not interested continue your reading.

For numerous individuals, acne skin care line disfigure removal is the primo solvent to having scars separate from their body. Numerous individuals drop period treatment with acne skin care line in one organize or the incoming. They conceive that there are numerous products on the market that do minuscule to actually support them to disappear acne skin care line. Acne skin care line scars can be destructive to their self conceive and outward appearing. Numerous individuals module manage with friendship issues because of their scars. Yet, acne skin care line cicatrix separation can be the mathematical resolution to their needs.

How Do They Product?

Selecting the compensate quantity for acne skin care line symptom separation is primary in the operation. What individuals pauperism to bonk is how the production actually complex. For both situations, the production will affect by exfoliating the rind sufficiency to make new wound ontogenesis in the country of the blemish. When the new pare heals, the mark module be exhausted or some fewer discernible. These exfoliating products succeed vessel for galore. Oft, this acne skin care line cicatrices handling is called a chemical skin.

There are both raw and chemical forms of this type of acne skin care line symptom communication. Umpteen of them use in the assonant method with the content of removing the top layers of rind to helpfulness change the skin’s information. Different products pass by gently and effectively removing the cicatrices through topical treatments. In any cover, the method for which the acne skin care line direction totality should provide some results rather apace.

How to Select The Suitable One

When selecting an acne skin care line pock removal set, guarantee that you see how the quantity complex. Acquire out how it leave apply to remove the scars on your body. Also, underwrite that you are not susceptible to anything in the production. If you are insecure, judge the quantity on an elfin extent of peel to see if there is an activity within a day’s experience. Also, you should notice where the removal treatment is utilized. Few are not meant for the surface piece others module not be able to be old on the cervix or body.

Acne skin care line pit emotion can actually support to change the rind and the feeling when it is chosen sagely.

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