Dark Self Tanning For That Dusky Attractive Look

A dusky attractive look using dark self tanning seems to be the latest look this summer. It is difficult to get dark tanning using a product with a high SPF because it will not let anything to get through to the skin. If you choose a product with lesser SPF, you might risk harming your skin.

Sun labs products offer safe solutions for your tanning problems. The self tanning lotion gives you a dark tan and protects the skin from the harmful effects of direct sunlight. These are sunless tanning products that give you a perfect beach body with the sun-kissed look and zero health hazards. You can achieve dark self tanning without any nasty streaking.

Benefits Of Self Tanning Products

By using the Sun Labs self tan products, it is possible to get naturally healthy and beautiful skin with minimum amount of cellulite and practically no skin imperfections. These products give natural color to the skin and hide any unwanted blemishes. They dry fast and give a golden bronzed color.

They are more economical than a spa or a salon. It is important to remember that when you use a dark tanning lotion, your exposure to the sun should be much less than if you were using a sun screen with a high SPF. You must reapply the dark tanning lotion if you go in the water or perspire.

Sunless dark tanning options are most suitable if you want to completely avoid the sun. Some dark self tanning creams have a thick consistency like the sun blocks whereas others are available in the form of sprays. Both these options are fragrant and have moisturizing properties that keep the skin hydrated for some time. If you have a very fair skin or are prone to burning, do not use dark self tanning products.

Sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays cause melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer. Sun Labs spray tan solution and the other dark self tanning products make you feel thin, healthy, and sexy. They are ideal if you wish to avoid sun bathing.

How To Apply Self Tanning Yourself

It is always more economical to use the dark self tanning products by yourself instead of getting a salon tan. You must be careful while tanning your face. Pull up your hair into a ponytail and then clean and exfoliate your skin. Avoid skin moisturizers because they interfere with the color you want. Use an under-eye cream to lighten the color of the skin under your eyes. Mix a few drops of self tanner and an equal amount of moisturizer and apply on the face and neck. The tan develops in three hours. Brush a bronzer on the areas that are exposed to the sun.

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